Johnson secures Star Tribune endorsement!

Johnson secures Star Tribune endorsement!

I am honored and excited to be endorsed by the Star Tribune. I appreciate the recognition of the hard work I have put in for our ward and our city.

In their endorsement the editorial board suggests, “advocating for progrowth ideas, such as riverfront redevelopment…” and I agree. The river front has great potential for economic growth for recreational opportunity for the 4th ward and I’m excited to explore the available options.

With your help, I look forward to serving another term for the 4th Ward!



(PS: Below is a link to the full story as well as the full text)

Fourth Ward

Four-term incumbent Barbara Johnson, 64, faces DFLer Kris Brogan and Republican candidate Dan Niesen. Johnson is the best choice for her ward, and may again be the best choice to be elected president of the City Council.

Her experience and expertise will be needed on a council sure to have several new members. She should use her position to advocate for progrowth ideas, such as riverfront redevelopment, that would not only benefit her north Minneapolis ward, but the city as a whole.”

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